Funding and Sustainability

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Is your organization in need of funding? Are you struggling with connecting your organization’s programs and operations to a grantor’s mission and objectives? Are you having difficulty securing a grant that aligns with your mission, vision, and goals which could significantly increase your organizational capacity?

Writing a grant proposal can be a lengthy, tiresome process that requires lots of staff time, paperwork, research, and accountability. The team at Ology Research Group can help you with your funding aspirations, sustainability planning and program design. We have experience searching and applying to various types of grants, in fields such as public health, social justice, primary and secondary education, higher education and organizational behavior. We can help you with:

  • Grant proposal writing

  • Grant prospecting

  • Foundation grants

  • Fundraising & crowdsourcing

  • Federal & state grants

  • Private sponsorships

  • Letters of intent, support and commitment

  • Tables, figures & visualizations

  • And more!

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