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Our Mission

The field of higher education is a dynamic area of study, which contains a great number of research themes. One of these ever-evolving themes is student engagement and involvement on college campuses. Research has consistently shown that there are numerous benefits to promoting student engagement and student life on campus, including: increasing retention and graduation rates (particularly amongst underrepresented populations), decreasing attrition, and achieving a greater sense of community and belongingness among students. There are many instruments available today, which seek to measure student engagement on campus, yet mainstream research has not provided an instrument, which specifically measures activities that directly contribute to student life and the greater campus community.

Our Approach

Dr. Jazmin Letamendi has developed a theoretical approach, called the Hypothetical Algebraic Formula for Student Engagement (HAFSE), which asserts that there are a series of variables, individual student characteristics and circumstances that influence student engagement and involvement. Dr. Letamendi’s instrument, titled the Index of Student Engagement and Involvement (ISEI), can help university administration identify which variables are most prevalent and strongly correlated among students who are engaged, those who are simply involved, and those who are disengaged. Having a solid understanding of which factors facilitate or hinder student engagement on campus can help student affairs personnel properly manage resources for the enhancement of the campus setting.

By joining Ology Research Group as Vice President of Higher Education Research, Dr. Jazmin Letamendi and the research team can provide a plethora of resources to your campus and student affairs team:

  1. Identifying the level of student involvement and engagement on campus
  2. Student affairs assessment consulting
  3. Program development and evaluation
  4. Quality Enhancement Plans (QEP)

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