Life is complicated. We're dedicated to decomplexification, analysis and interpretation to enhance the communities we serve. Let's work together to initiate change.

Primary and Secondary Education

The landscape of primary and secondary education has shifted over the last several years. With the growing focus on data, measurable outcomes, and student information systems/assessments, it's not always easy to stay ahead of the curve. At Ology Research Group, we have developed a unique way of analyzing and interpreting school data to help educators do what they  do best - educate our children. 

Organizational Culture and Morale

In an organizational setting, financial ratios, production measures and employee performances are easy to interpret. Our goal at Ology Research group is to turn the abstract concepts of employee morale and motivation into similar measurable results.  We've developed an approach to quantify morale and workplace cultures tailored to your organization's unique mission and vision. 

Social Justice

At Ology Research Group, we hope to contribute our research, data analysis, and interpretation to help society take strides towards equality for all. With the media playing a critical role in delivering the current state of the social justice landscape, we are helping to confirm it with measurable indexes. Find out about how Ology is measuring cultural sensitivity among our first sample population -  our police officers and civilians.

Higher Education

Have you ever wondered which variables, attributes, and individual characteristics yield the most involved and engaged students on campus? Could your institution help  encourage involvement among all students on campus? Learn more about the Hypothetical Algebraic Formula for Student Engagement (HASFE) and the Index of Student Engagement and Involvement (ISEI)!

Public Health

In our data-driven world there are countless databases, programs and studies related to public health and health disparities. Do you have a program that you would like to have evaluated? Does your agency have any contracting or project based needs? Learn about how Ology Research Group can help!