Research Foundation to Cure Aids

Research Foundation to Cure AIDS (RFTCA) is an alliance of leaders from diverse fields who are developing a cure for AIDS that is accessible and affordable for those in need worldwide.

Creating a sophisticated cell therapy cure that may be implemented worldwide is an ambitious goal. We believe that innovate economic models, corporate social responsibility and private-public partnerships are as vital to making the gift of a cure a reality for all those in need as cutting-edge science and medicine. 

Jazz Hands for Autism

Founded in 2014, Jazz Hands For Autism is a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) talent advocacy group and incubator for musicians with autism, providing them with resources that help foster the development of their inner musician and creating pathways where they can use their talents to forge a rewarding career path.

Detours Mentoring Group

Detours Mentoring Group has the trained and dedicated individuals who grew up in the community with many diverse life experiences and have successfully turned their lives around from crime, gangs, and drug addiction. These individuals behind the program are teaching the youth the importance of, family education and personal values.