Organizational Culture and Morale

Our Mission

Organizations of today are constantly bombarded with various barriers to success: organizational misalignment, employee dissatisfaction, training and development, maintaining top talent, cultivating inspirational leaders, supporting a purpose driven workforce and the resulting impact of those factors on the bottom line. Ology Research Group assists organizations in designing holistic indexes that link the top-to-bottom connection to organizational performance. These include: organizational needs (culture, values, purpose), outlook (leadership competencies, motivation, talent), engagement (productivity), and superior organizational identity.  By designing a customized index of an organization's pulse, we help organizations predict turnover rates, increase job satisfaction, measure leadership competency, identify and retain top talent; and we can link those performance metrics to quantifiable, financial gains.

Our Approach

The organizational index is a customized analysis of the organization's specific needs.  Consequently, there are four stages to the research design.

  1. Develop organization-specific indexes pertaining to the organizational culture, measures of success, return on investment, and relate these indexes to other thought leadership exhibited by other industry
  2. Apply the assessment to a representative sample within an organization in order to conduct statistical analysis and ensure validity and reliability of the indexes and broader implications
  3. Administer the test on the entire organization in order to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the results while mining for further insights
  4. Design and produce a comprehensive report and provide strategic insight and actionable steps to yield organizational growth, specifically by identifying factors that contribute to or move away from the bottom line

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