Episode 20: Why Do People Join Gangs? A Discussion About Perceptions Towards and Experiences with Gangs (Guest Speakers)

Gang violence has plagued our cities for decades. According to the FBI, about 5% of our youth (or 1.4 million) is involved in a gang to some degree and they make up about a fifth of homicide rates. In Kacey Shap’s forthcoming book, titled “The Sage, The Shepherd and the Peacemaker: How Gangs, Police and Activists Externalize Violence Through Gangs” he explores gangs as a holistic system. The question we came together to address on this episode is: why do people join gangs in the first place?

Episode 4: Race to Someplace – Where we are today, and considerations for tomorrow…

Many inequities are attributed to racism, and recent movements, including the Black Lives Matter movement, speaks to these issues. In this episode, titled “Race to Someplace”, we explore racism in America, where we are today, and what we think needs to happen tomorrow.