Life is complicated. We're dedicated to decomplexification, analysis and interpretation to enhance the communities we serve. Let's work together to initiate change.

Research, Evaluation & Analytics

In a world where we’ve accumulated a majority of the world’s information in the last few years, the need for specialized analytics teams become more and more apparent. Our team at Ology Research group is here to help you simplify, interpret, and act upon the the data that’s most important to you.

Strategy & Capacity Building

Your workforce and organizational health are consistently changing with the times, making a strong foundation increasingly difficult to maintain. We’ve can help keep your institution strong through proprietary analyses from predicting turnover rates to measuring work satisfaction.

Funding and Sustainability

Our mission is to help give communities a voice generate change. But, sometimes that voice comes at a price. We’re here to help with your funding needs to spread the word from helping to draft letters of intent to grant proposal itself.