Primary and Secondary Education

Our Mission

In our modern times, there are countless assessment tools which primary and secondary education administrators and teachers can use to measure student learning. These tools can yield incredibly valuable, albeit sometimes confusing data. From formative assessments, which are specifically designed for helping educators guide their instruction, to summary assessments and state exams, Ology Research Group can help. We can easily interpret your data to maximize student outcomes and work with all kinds of assessment data from any educational service organizations to produce easily interpretative data reports. Our goal is to ensure that all members of the school community (teachers, parents, heads of school, etc.) can understand individual student, grade level and school performance overall. Ology Research Group digs deep and can help identify at risk students, compare classroom performance across your school and produce reports to help you achieve your curricular goals. For less than the cost of an intern, Ology Research Group can help with:

  1. Analysis and interpretation of any formative, interim, and summative student assessment scores
  2. Predictive modeling to forecast state exam performance
  3. State exam score evaluations
  4. Analysis of pertinent school information, including student and staff demographics, attendance rates, disciplinary rates, and measurement of teacher turnover and teacher morale
  5. Survey development (for parents, teachers and students), implementation and analysis
  6. Data coaching for principals and teachers
  7. Content for school data walls and websites
  8. Assistance with school data reports

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